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Certified translator of English

Work experience

I have had my trade license for foreign language teaching and translation and interpreting services since 1999. At first I mainly concentrated on teaching English but since 2003 I have been very active in translating and interpreting. In 2007 I completed a course of English for Law at the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague and was appointed a certified interpreter/translator of English.

My main areas of specialization are law, technical translations, marketing, management and business. I use the best dictionaries on the market, e.g. Millenium Professional, dictionaries of legal terminology by a highly-acclaimed author PhDr. Marta Chromá, Lingea dictionaries of specialist terminology (economics, technical subjects, military terminology ).


Mgr. Zdeňka Zvoníčková, Kvapilova 761, 666 01 Tišnov, Gsm: +420 774 878 600, Email: info@soudni-tlumocnik.com
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